To the reader,

Read this book carefully and feel what the words do with you. The text is straight from my source came on paper. "

This text is on the box with the book in it. The box has a heart, you need to open the book to reach and is meant symbolically open your heart.

The book consists of two parts in the book to mingle:

Part 1 is a description of some great conversations

Part 2 of his lyrics, which gives more insight into love

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Book launch Niek Zervaas, Saturday, November 22, 2008

Niek said this week:

Saturday is a special day because it is through my book loving energy. Attendees will be helped this energy to flow freely, because this opens the channel.

Is it a kind of initiation, a kind of portal, opening in our consciousness? Yes

Will you have something special to do or is it just?

We will still have five minutes together and listening to music. More is needed. It works now

Niek welcomes everyone:

Fine with me you can experience this special day. Sven Thiandi and especially, great to see you

The first book is issued to marianne:

Marianne let me know that they can use for my passion, now my mission. Without her love and dedication, but most of all her infinite trust in me, the book possible. I love her dearly. Place in my heart for her.

People ask questions to Niek:

Pia: What is the most important word that people here can stand still at once meditative?

What do you think?

Pia: I think love

Love is the word which is felt and lived through moments of silence. The energy that this word brings to reveal the source

Thiandi: How long have you done about your book?

May I ask Mom before. My time is tricky

Patty says that engineering time is difficult. He experiences no time, he experiences ever. I think we all together have been working one year.

What can I do if love is not reciprocated?

The love of which I speak will always be answered from the source, but the love between two people experience what experience teaches us to be and can be seen from the same source

Niek how is your relationship to the source?

The source is everywhere and for everyone when you wandered into higher consciousness. By looking to go silently to yourself you will find him. He reveals himself in many forms. Choose one that suits you

Thiandi: have you found truth in that source about your disability?

To me, truth is subject to consciousness, so you always have a choice how you look at things. My handicap is my tool for my things which I have come

John: what you hope, technique that gets your message?

For me an important question. I would like my book to reach the very people who need to become aware of the big picture. People to experience that it's not about the shape but to increase awareness of your heart

Johan: we help you?

People can help by living for. You help yourself and your environment will benefit from

Ms. Schrok: does contact help with fellow sufferers?

Peer support what are they?

For example, people with disabilities the same

Become aided by connections in consciousness. Everyone knows who committed will help me

Niek, can you mention some form of the source?

The source is a channel that everyone otherwise find its way. This may be nature, music. Difficult for me to decide on which way you experience the source. To make use of formless form

Sven tells Niek: I am connected to Niek with the same love from the heart, from the same source.

How long has it been since you've started this?

Ask my mom

Patty: Niek is not aware of time. He is almost 3 years ago with this way of communicating.

Everyone gets a book in which they can browse. Niek says:

Consciously I choose to book to browse in the presence of all who choose to love me the energy to flow. This matter will transcend. Wish to book deal in the world of higher consciousness. Much will be discussed which may open channel. Instead of power will love should prevail

Loosing my love may be experienced in the world. We celebrate the freedom of mind. No more having to ask for love, but love to be enveloped

Not me but you will also have to do. Go, live and tell. Make yourself happy. That will bring the world in love, because love is the word that will be accepted formlessness