Niek noemde bepaalde bomen in het bos: DE KATHEDRALEN

Dit waren heilige plekken, waar mensen bijeen kwamen toen er nog geen kerken bestonden.

Niek called some trees in the forest: THE CATHEDRALS.

These were sacred places where people gathered when there were no churches.



Cathedral of Silence

My Home, deep inside

Cathedral of Silence

unspeakable Right.


Building of Silence

Gods TRUTH you will meet.

She 's placed in my Soul

because LOVE saw my Need.


Cathedral of Silence

no sound of Her Voice

Cathedral of Silence

She 's waiting,    ' my Choice.


Place in my Soul

The Building of  LIGHT

and Peace-House for people

brings TRUTH in the Night.


Cathedral of Silence

CALL of our Soul

SHE 's longing  ' we listen.....

that we want to be Whole.


The Heart of Gods ' Silence

She leads to  "JUST BE "

Be One with THE WILL

of God, you and me.


Only in Silence

THE TRUTH gives us Clear'

Gods Will in our Soul

wants that all man will Hear.


Cathedral   'My Soul

so softly The Voice :

" Please come to your God

   in your Heart with no noise "




Cathedral of Silence

brings Glorious Day......

" I've Heard Your Big CALL

   and AMEN I say "